Broadcast Quality Video and NLE Editing

We use broadcast digital video cameras and powerful non-linear edit systems to create broadcast quality video and commercials at a fraction of the price and production time of just a few years ago. We feature 3CCD Sony and JVC video cameras, professional lighting and sound, plus creative scripting and camera work, all in combination to produce exciting, effective video for our clients.

We are a visual society. Whether it’s television, the PC or the Internet, we look at a video display screen more and more every day. Gen Xers take it to the next level and our children, they’ll be taking vacations on the web by the time their our age. It’s not a question of whether these forms of communication are here to stay; it’s a matter of using them to maximize your business communications. Ride the airwaves and let technology be your partner.

Television Commercials

Airwaves Digital can help you reach your market and make the kind of meaningful impression to improve your sales, traffic or bookings. We are chameleons. We produce ads that reflect your style and market, not ours. We help you visually define who you are and make that presentation effectively. We may be living out here in the boonies, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for boring, industrial strength television commercials.

Sports and Adventure Videos

Whether it’s scaling 22,000 ft. peaks in Peru or rafting the Upper Animas river deep in the Weminuche Wilderness, we specialize in extreme video. Just ask Casey Lynch of Mountain Waters Rafting. We produced a sales video for Casey covering this spectacular trip from Silverton down to the "Un-runnable Gorge."

Tourism and Real Estate Videos

This is an excellent market niche to explore the multiple-use opportunities available with digital video photography. That we can represent your property or product tastefully and effectively is just the beginning. We often commence the process by shooting stock video for our clients and produce a television commercial or short video of the property. Then, with our digital software, we can easily slice out and manipulate still photos from the video footage, to be used on the web, newspaper or in print materials.

Industrial, Sales & Training Videos

Videos can help you present a product, document a process, define a procedure or standardize employee training. As video production has become more and more accessible, the VHS tape, CD ROM and DVD disks are providing an affordable compliment to brochures and printed materials. In addition, internal communication and corporate PR can be enhanced by video documentation and interactive delivery of projects or activities.
We produce technical and engineering videos for StonAge, Inc. detailing the assembly, maintenance and repair of complicated waterjet tools and swivels. Once the videos are shot and edited they are delivered through several media: in VHS format, on CD Rom disks, as MPEG clips on their website and finally, the images are used as stills for brochure production.

Airwaves has produced documentary videos for a range of clients, from the national Trust for Public Land to the United Way of Southwest Colorado. Please note our list of references on our contact page.

Note: See our marketing material case study: The Red Mountain Project.
News, Special Events and Depositions

We can cover your special event, performance or deposition professionally, tastefully and creatively. Airwaves has provided stringer news and production services for NBC, MSNBC and ATT Cable networks. Our production crew has worked throughout the Southwest field producing spots, legal depositions and covering events.
From local and regional performing arts to NBC Nightly News, Airwaves has the capability and the professional expertise to capture your event or activity and help you tell your story.
Family History and Memoirs

Now you can become your own version of "Ken Burns" the film historian who created the "Civil War" documentary. We can take your old still photos, video clips and 8 mm movies and compile them into a creative, often humorous presentation filled with interviews, music and nostalgia. Contact us directly to discuss these services.

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